The transition of your Columbia Bank accounts and services to Umpqua Bank is now complete

Account Transition Information


If your current account is:

Public Funds Interest Checking with the following Treasury Management Services:

Business Bill Pay with Payroll. Sweep Services – ABL dual, Commercial, Dual, DDM, DDM Premium, Line of Credit, ZBA Master and Sub Accounts. CD Rom. Special Statements – weekly, monthly, or additional statements. ACH Direct, ACH NACHA, and Same Day ACH. BAI Export. EDI Reporting. BAI Direct. Positive Pay with Payee Match. Check Positive Pay Direct. Deposit Account Control Agreement (DACA). Retail Lockbox. Safe Point Depository and Safe Point Monthly.

Your new account will be:

Public Funds Analyzed Interest Checking

Account Opening & Usage

  • Minimum Amount Required to Open Account: $100
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee: $23
  • Deposit Ticket: $1.00 per deposit ticket
  • Remote Capture Deposit-Direct Send: $0.80 per deposit ticket
  • Lockbox Deposit (RTL) Direct Send: $0.80 per deposit ticket
  • Remote Capture Deposit: $0.90 per deposit ticket
  • Cash Vault and InstaVault Deposit: $2.00 per deposit ticket
  • Special Depository Account Deposit: $2.00 per deposit ticket
  • Check Paid: $0.20 per Check
  • Check Deposited
    • $0.14 per on-us Check
    • $0.15 per all other Items including CAD Checks
  • ACH Transactions: $0.20 per Credit or Debit ACH Item Received
  • Deposit Assessment: $0.13 per $1,000 average ledger balance
  • Negative Collected Balance: Prime + 5.0%. The highest Prime Rate during the billing period will be used as the index.
  • Paper Statement: $3.00 per month

NOTE: There will be a service charge per month regardless of Account balance. However, earnings credit allowance from an analyzed parent Account can be used to offset fee.

Branch Cash Services

  • Cash Deposit and/or Purchase: $0.18 per $100
  • Rolled Coin Deposit and/or Purchase: $0.20 per roll
  • Coin Bag Deposit: $7.75 per bag

ATM & Debit Card Services

  • Umpqua Bank ATM: $0 per transaction
  • Non-Umpqua Bank ATM: $2.50 per transaction. ATM-Owner fees will apply.
  • International Transaction: 2.00% of transaction - Transactions made outside the U.S., in either foreign currency or U.S. dollars, using an Umpqua Bank card.
  • Umpqua Bank ATM Mini-Statement: $0 per statement

Additional Account Features

  • Paid Interest+ - see rate sheet
  • Merchant Services
  • Umpqua Bank Commercial Card (subject to credit approval)
  • Direct Connect: $15 per month

Temporary Waiver of Fees: The monthly maintenance fee and transaction charges associated with this account will be waived through March 31, 2023. This waiver period will allow you the opportunity to better understand the requirements to waive those fees on your new account.

Please refer to the Other Account Services disclosure for additional fees that may be assessed against your account.

Business Online & Mobile Banking Services, Remote Deposit Capture Service, Lockbox and existing Treasury Management Service pricing, if not listed above, will remain the same.

Treasury Management Consultants are available to discuss your Account needs so we can help you determine the right Account type to correspond with your transaction volumes. Please contact our Public Deposit team for additional information at 855-867-7826 or

+ Treasury Management Consultants are available to discuss our Hybrid Interest Analysis option for businesses with high transaction volumes or advanced Treasury Management needs looking to use investable balances to first offset services, then earn interest on remaining excess. Interest earned on your investable balances not used to offset fees will be paid on the monthly analysis settlement date, not end of month date. The Monthly Maintenance service charge for Accounts participating in the Hybrid Interest Analysis option will be $70.

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