The transition of your Columbia Bank accounts and services to Umpqua Bank is now complete

Preview Period

Access Business Online Banking Early

You may access the Umpqua Bank Business Online Banking system with your new credentials during a special Preview Period that begins on February 27, 2023 and continues through March 16, 2023. Below are actions that you should take during Preview Period:

  • Verify users, entitlements and limits transitioned correctly
  • Ensure all accounts transitioned as expected
  • Set up your dashboard configuration
  • Validate ACH, wire and payee templates; create or modify templates as needed
  • Create any new custom import templates
  • Review ACH and/or wire permissions and approval settings
  • Update NACHA files to Umpqua Bank and the new 123205054 routing number
  • Create Check Positive Pay import template however, do not upload issues
  • Reestablish alerts and notifications
  • Create and save reports
  • Make any changes done in Columbia's business digital banking after February 10, 2023

Limited System Capabilities During Preview Period

During the Preview Period, you will not see balances or transaction history, be able to perform transactions or schedule payments, or access ACH Positive Pay or Bill Pay.

New Login Credentials

Your new Umpqua Bank Business Online Banking login credentials will be emailed to you between February 16 – 24. Contact the Transition Support Line at 833-961-3614 if you have not received your new credentials by February 24, 2023.

Dual Maintenance Required from Feb 10 – March 17

Any changes that system administrators make in Columbia’s Biz/Commercial Connect system between February 10, 2023 and March 17, 2023, will not automatically transition over to Umpqua’s Business Online Banking. These changes will need to be made in Umpqua’s Business Online Banking system. We encourage you to do this when you have access to the Umpqua Business Online Banking system during Preview Period.

Business Transition Details

Learn about all of the business transition details.

Training Resources

Access multiple types of training materials to introduce you to Business Online Banking and the new features available to you.

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